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  3. 年2回発行の共同英文ニュース『Marine Litter News』 Vol.7-1/Vol.7-2


年2回発行の共同英文ニュース『Marine Litter News』 Vol.7-1/Vol.7-2


Marine Litter News / volume7・issues1・June2016】⇒pdf ダウンロード
1. 'Face to Fish' campaign successfully got 55 companies to agree not to use microplastics in cosmetics
2. Zero Plastic Resin Pellet Loss in Australia
3. "See ? Share ? Solve" ? Community Engagement with the Global Alert Platform to Report Trash Hotspots in our Waters
4. Taiwan and Japan discuss cross-border marine debris strategies
5. Keeping Vietnam's Coasts Clean ? Situation of marine debris' harmful effects and green initiatives!
6. How do Chinese NGOs Initiate Public Marine Litter Disposal Advocacy? Take Coastline Guardian Project as example
7. Hong Kong Cleanup Awards 2015 15th anniversary Hong Kong Cleanup Awards Ceremony and Ecozine Winter Cocktail
8. From the change of thinking and doing for reducing marine debris problem
9. New government project to mitigate EPS buoys debris from aquaculture grounds in Korea

Marine Litter News / volume7・issue2・December2016】⇒pdf ダウンロード
1. Convening in Hong Kong for Global Impact: the International Coastal Cleanup Asia Pacific Regional Meeting
2. 14th Annual Marine Litter Summit 2016 ? Mie Conference , Japan
3. Taiwan EPA will ban all microbeads
4. An overview of Marine environmental protection organizations in China
5. Greenpeace East Asia's effort to reduce microplastics problem in the ocean through banning microplastics use in consumer products in South Korea
6. Participating Japan-Korea workshop for exchanging and discussing issues about marine litter
7. The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup
8. Development of the Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI)'s ALDFG Web Portal
9. Monthly webinar for capacity building of NGOs in Asian region
10. A Study on the Annual Inflow and Its Control of Styrofoam Buoy Debris in Oyster Aquaculture Farm in Gyeongnam, Korea