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To help solve the ocean's garbage problem, we appeal to the public in the spring and fall to take part in coastal cleanup activities.
In the fall, we also participate in the worldwide International Coastal Cleanup (ICC). Please join us!

Let's pick up lots of garbage!

Spring Campaign (April - June)

Objective > Garbage collection
The garbage has to be picked up somewhere; otherwise it will continue to be carried away by wind and waves to other places.
In helping with the spirit of the Earth Day (4/22) and the World Environment Day (6/5), let's pick up the garbage scattered around our neighborhoods.

Let's find solutions!

Fall Campaign (September - October)

Objective > Study of garbage
The problem of garbage cannot be solved just by collection. It is important for everyone to understand what the contents of garbage are and find ways to solve the problem.
To this end, JEAN has been promoting the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC), which is a cleanup activity that collects and studies garbage. It has been gathering data on garbage picked up from coastal areas since 1990.
Let's take a closer look at the garbage found in coastal areas and in waters.
The findings are reported to Ocean Conservancy, an ocean conservation group in the United States, to be utilized for its global initiatives.

How to participate :

Please contact the JEAN office below.

Contact > JEAN Office.
TEL 042-322-0712
(Wednesday and Friday 10:00a.m.-6:00p.m.)
FAX 042-324-8252
E-mail cleanup@jean.jp

What is International Coastal Cleanup?

It is an activity proposed by the environmental NGO"Ocean Conservancy" in the United States. It is an activity to get together in picking up garbage in coastal areas and in waters around the world, and to gather information on the garbage collected.

What's unique about the cleanup?